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ESA Space Weather Workshop: Developing a European Space Weather Service Network

SWENET: Space Weather European Network

3-5 November 2003, ESTEC, Noordwijk

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The development of coordinated space weather applications requires the establishment of new kinds of partnerships in R&D between scientists, developers, service providers, service users and funding agencies in order to coordinate activities that traditionally fall within separate domains.

To this end ESA has recently embarked upon a 2 year pilot project of space weather service development. The objective of the Pilot Project for Space Weather Applications is to develop and extend the space weather service user community through development of targeted services, provided by a network of service providers supported by a common infrastructure and using data from existing sources. Through this service and community development a clear long term view of the potential for space weather applications shall be established together with clear understanding of the associated economic and social benefits and the long term relevance of these space weather services.

This workshop will bring together all participants from a wide variety of domains, participating in the SWENET service development network. It will also focus on the relationship with space weather science initiatives.

The workshop is timed to coincide with completion of the user requirements phase of the individual service development activities and, as such, it is anticipated that this will form a major topic of discussion.

Although those activities that are already members of the SWENET network are expected to present their activities, participation is not restricted to these groups and presentations of other new and novel space weather services are welcome.

Discussion will also take place of the support requirements for each service development activity and the ways in which the SWENET network will function over the next year in order to best support the development of these services.

Draft Agenda  

AM Monday 3rd November


10:30-12:30 GIC SDA Groups Joint Discussion Meeting.

PM Monday 3rd November

14:00 Welcome
Welcome and Introduction to the pilot project - A. Hilgers
SWWT Overview and update - F. Lefeuvre
14:30-16:05 Monitoring the Sun-Earth System and New Data Sources
Chairperson: Jean Lilensten
14:30-14:45 The Solar Influences Data Centre : A Partnership for Space Weather
P. Cugnon, R. Van der Linden, D. Berghmans, P. Vanlommel, E. Robbrecht, F. Clette, A. Zhukov, L. Wauters, R. Warnant, C. Bruyninx, H. Nebdi, J.-C. Jodogne, D. Heynderickx, K. Stegen, M. Kruglanski, M. Roth, J. de Keyser, J.-P. Henry
14:45-15:00 Solar Activity and Geomagnetic Indices Forecast CLS Centre
A. Blusson
15:00-15:15 Improving Prediction of Space Weather Disturbances: What is needed?
R. Schwenn.
15:15-15:30 New SpW Data Products and Accessibility in the TSRS Coronal Radio Surveillance,
M. Messerotti, M. Iurcev, I. Coretti, S. Padovan, P. Zlobec
15:30-15:45 Possible use in Space Weather of new Geomagnetic Activity Indices Based on Minute Values
M. Menvielle, C. Lathuillere, A. Blusson
15:45-16:05 Posters (2 minute introductions)
  1. Use of PICARD Data for Space Weather
    J.-Y. Prado
  2. SWAP: Sun Watcher using APS Detector on-board PROBA II, a new EUV imager for solar monitoring.
    D. Berghmans, J F Hochedez, J. M. Defise, J. H. Lecat, B. Nicula, R. Van der Linden, A. Zhukov, F. Clette, R. Rochus, E. Mazy, T. Thibert, P. Nicolosi, U. Schuehle
  3. LYRA: the Solar VUV Radiometer on-board PROBA II
    J.-F. Hochedez, W. K. Schmutz, M. Nesladek, S. Koller, D. Berghmans, A. Ben Moussa, J. H. Lecat, J. M. Defise, Y. Stockman, L. Wauters, B. Nicula, S. Gissot, U. Schuehle, D. Gillotay, M. Kretzchmar, H. Roth, E. Rozanov, C. Wehrli, I. Ruedi, R. Van der Linden, A. Zhukov, F. Clette, M. d'Olieslaeger, J. Roggen, P. Rochus
  4. A Planned Muon Detector for Space Weather Storm Nowcast in Europe
    F. Jansen, R. Hippler
  5. The Plasma-wave Complex of Scientific Instrumentation for Wave and Plasma Parameter Measurements in the Frame of the Russian Segment of the ISS
    S. I. Klimov,V. E. korepanov, I. A. Dubrovolskyi, O. V. Lapshinova, I. V. Sorokin, S. Belnaev, G. A. Stanev, K. Georgieva, B. Kirov, M. P. Gough, H. S. C. K. Alleyne, M. Balikhin,K. Szego, S. Szalai, J. Lichtenberger, Cs Ferencz, L. Bodnar, J. Juchiewicz, H. Rothkaehl, K. Stasiewicz
  6. Monitoring of Electromagnetic and Plasma Parameters of "Space Weather" on the Russian Segment of the ISS
    A. V. Markov, A. A. Kuznetsov, I. V. Sorokin, O. V. Lapshinova, S. I. Klimov
  7. On the origin of Interplanetary Disturbances Observed in the Vicinity of the Earth
    N. Vilmer, M. Pick, R. Schwenn, P. Ballatore, J. P. Villain et al.
  8. Solar Radio Outbursts as Potential Radio Communications Jammers: Analysis of Selected Cases
    M. Messerotti, P. Zlobec, I. Coretti, M. Iurcev, S. Padovan
  9. The European Grid of Solar Observations (EGSO)
    R. D. Bentley and the EGSO Consortium
  10. The International Service of Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI) WWW Homepage
    J. Paris and M. Menvielle
  11. Ap in Real-Time
    E. Clarke, A. Thomson, H.-J. Linthe
16:05-16:20 coffee
16:20-17:55 Space Weather Effects on Ground Based Systems
Session Chairperson: Risto Pirjola
16:20-16:35 Real Time Forecast Service for Geomagnetically Induced Currents
IRF Lund
16:35-16:50 Real-Time GIC Simulator
D. H. Boteler, R. Pirjola, L. Marti
16:50-17:05 Solar Wind Monitoring and Induction Modelling for GICs
A. W. P. Thomson, E. Clarke, S. Reay, A. McKay
17:05-17:20 Gasum Now! - A Service for the Finnish Pipeline Company
A. Pulkkinen, A. Vijanen, R. Pirjola, A. Malkki, K. Kauristie, K. Pajunpaa, M. Kuitunen
17:20-17:35 Geomagnetic Activity Forecast - User Specifications, Initial Analysis and Modelling Results
J. Watermann, H. Gleisner, P. Stauning, T. Rasmussen, S. McCulloch
17:35-17:50 GIFINT: Geomagnetic Indices Forecasting Tool
G. Consolini, E. Amata, I. Bertello, G. Pallocchia, M. F. Marcucci, M. Candidi
17:50-18:05 Space Weather Service for Pipeline Operations
L. Trichtchenko
18:05 Posters (2 minute introduction)
  1. Possible Space Weather Influence on the Oil Production Activity in Azerbaijan
    E. S. Babayev, A. Kh. Mirzajan-zadeh, A. A. Suleymanov, A. A. Mustafayev
18:30 welcome drink in ESCAPE

AM Tuesday 4th November

8:30-10:00 Ionosphere Joint SDA Group meeting
8:30-10:00 Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets Topical Group Meeting
10:00-11:30 Space Weather Effects with Atmospheric Links
Session Chairperson: Annick Blusson
10:00-10:15 TEC maps over Europe
E. Jeansou
10:15-10:30 Space Weather Induced Thermospheric Disturbances
M. Menvielle, C. Lathuillere
10:30-10:45 Validation of GPS Data Products for Meteorological Services: User Requirements and Initial Approach
P. Stauning, P. Hoffmeyer, G. B. Larsen and M. B. Soerensen
10:45-11:00 Forecasting Solar and Geomagnetic Activity for Atmospheric Density Models
A. Thomson
11:00-11:10 Posters (2 minute introductions)
  1. Atmospheric and Space Weather Systems Interaction
    Y. M. Yampolski, L. N. Lytvynenko, K. M. Groves, V. Korepanov
  2. Influence of the Thermosphere on Electromagnetic Wave Propagation, Application to GPS Signals
    M. Barthelemy, J. Lilensten, P. Delorme, S. Samouillan
  3. Classification of SuperDARN radar Doppler Spectra: Application to the Determination of Scintillation Regions
    C. Hanuise and T. Dudoc de Wit
11:10-11:20 coffee
11:30-13:00 Space Weather Effects with Ionospheric Links
Session Chairperson: Ljiljana Cander
11:20-11:35 Quickmaps and History of the Effects of Ionospheric Scintillations on GPS/GLONASS Signals
J.-J. Valette, B. Nhun Fat, P. Yaya, F. Boucquaert, P. Lassudrie-Duchesne, M. Chouffot, U. Hugentobler, C. Hanuise, J. L. Issler, J. Lanciaux, R. Warnant
11:35-11:50 Development of an Enhanced Daily Ionospheric Forecasting Service
N. Wheadon
11:50-12:05 Geomagnetic Indices Forecasting and Ionospheric Nowcasting Tools (GIFINT): Work Package 200 : INT (Ionosphere Nowcasting Tool)
Bruno Zolesi, Ljiljana Cander, Anna Belehaki
12:05-12:20 Ionosfera
F. Dalla Vedova
12:20-12:35 Current Developments in SWIPPA: Space Weather Impact on Precise Positioning Applications of GNSS
N. Jakowski, S. Stankov, D. Klaehn, Y. Beniguel, J. Rueffer
12:35-12:45 Posters (2 minute introductions)
  1. HF Waves and Energetic Plasma Particle Monitoring as a Diagnostic Tool of Ionospheric Plasma Disturbances
    H. Rothkaehl, Z. Klos, O. Grigoryan, K. Kudela, M. Panasyuk, A. Petrov, V. Sheveleva
  2. Radio Communication Service for Limited Area Purposes in RWC Warsaw
    Z. Klos, I. Stanislawska, G. Juchnikowski
  The Radio Communications Research Unit at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Demonstration only)
Lj. R. Cander
12:45-14:45 lunch followed by poster and service demonstration session
In addition to poster viewing, the user interface of the following services will be demonstrated during this session:
  • Auroras Now!
  • The Trieste Solar Radio System
  • SWIPPA: Space Weather Impact on Precise Positioning Applications
  • The Solar Influences Data Centre
  • Radio Communications Research Unit of RAL
  • EGSO: The European Grid of Solar Observatories
  • SAAPS: Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis and Prediction System
14:45-16:10 Space Weather Effects on Spacecraft and Aircraft
Session Chairperson: Bryn Jones
14:45-15:00 Space Weather Operational Airline Risks Service (SOARS)
R. D. Bentley, J. B. L.Jones
15:00-15:15 Geosynchronous Environment for Identification of Satellite Hit Anomalies (GEISHA)
S. Bourdarie, B. Huet, D. Boscher, R. Ecoffet and J. J. Valette
15:15-15:30 GEOSHAFT: A Pilot Space Weather Service
S. Clucas, D. Rodgers, K. Hunter
15:30-15:45 Space Environment and Information System (SEIS) for Mission Control Purposes
N. C. Vaiana
15:45-16:00 SAAPS: Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis and Prediction System
P. Wintoft and L. Eliasson
16:00-16:10 Posters (2 minute introductions)
  1. Solar Particle Effects at Aircraft Altitude
    C. Dyer, F. Lei, S. Clucas
  2. Forecasting Energetic Electron Flux at Geostationary Orbit
    P. Wintoft, H. Lundstedt, L. Eliasson
  3. Solar Energetic Particle Events: Prediction, SOC and Turbulence
    S. Gabriel
  4. Proton Flux Prediction Model at Earth Environment to E>10MeV
    E. del Pozo Garcia, J. Valiente Marquez, I. T. R. Esnard
16:10-18:00 Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets
Session Chairperson: Norma Crosby
16:10-16:20 Introduction
N. Crosby
16:20-16:35 The AurorasNow! Nowcasting Service for Hotels in Finnish Lapland
A. Malkki, K. Kauristie, V. Tulkki, M. Anttila
16:35-16:50 Space Weather: Education and Public Outreach
H. Lundstedt, P. Wintoft, M. Wik, I. Kronfeldt
16:50-17:05 Current and Future Activities on Space Weather Education and Outreach in Europe
F. Jansen
17:05-17:20 The SOHO Mission: Promoting Space Weather to the Public
P. Brekke
17:20-17:35 Space Weather Effects on Human Health
J. B. L.Jones
17:35-17:50 Possible Relevance of Space Weather Effects to Medicine: Influences of Altered Magnetic Fields on Biological and Clinical Phenomena.
S. Ghione, C. del Seppia, L. Mezzasalma, M. Messerotti
17:50-18:00 Posters (2 minute introductions)
  1. Solar and Stellar Space Weather and Space Climate: Relevant Issues in the Birth and Evolution of Life?
    M. Messerotti
  2. Impact of Space Weather on Human Electrical Resistivity
    T. Gulyaeva
  3. Space Weather Studies in Azerbaijan
    E. Babayev
Additional Material:
The Space Weather CD-Rom and posters
F. Jansen
SOHO Public Outreach
P. Brekke
18:00 Solarmax IMAX Presentation at Omniversum, den Haag.
(Buses depart from ESCAPE at 18:00)

AM Wednesday 5th November

09:30-13:00 Programmatics
Session Chairperson: Francois Lefeuvre
9:30-9:50 ESA and Space Weather
C. de Matos
9:50-10:10 Space Weather Proposal for the EU-FP6 GMES-Call for Proposals
H. Lappalainen, K. Kauristie, R. Pirjola
10:10-10:30 Recent Activities at Space Environment Center
J. Kunches
10:30-10:50 International Living with a Star: Outline of Program and Update of European Plans
H. Opgenoorth and R. Marsden
10:50-11:10 coffee
11:10-11:30 COST 724 on Space Weather - at the Edge of its Start
J. Lilensten
11:30-11:50 Overview of the EU COST 271 Action: Effects of the Upper Atmosphere on Terrestrial and Earth Space Communications (EACOS)
B. Zolesi and Lj. R. Cander
11:50-12:10 Space Weather and Climate in the Frame of the European Science Foundation: E-STAR
J. Lilensten
12:10-12:50 Concluding remarks and roadmap
A. Hilgers and F. Lefeuvre.

PM Wednesday 5th November

SWWT Business Meeting

Important Dates  

The abstract submission deadline is the 15th September. Please send abstracts via the linked web form to A. Glover.
Registration should be completed before 20th October. The registration form should be faxed to the ESTEC Conference Bureau.


All participants are requested to provide an electronic copy of their presentation material for publication on the ESA Space Weather website.


Can be arranged via the ESTEC conference bureau. Please complete the hotel reservation form and fax to the address below.

Organising Committee  

A. Glover
A. Hilgers
E. Daly
F. Lefeuvre


ESTEC Conference Bureau
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands 
Fax: +31 (0)71-565 5658