Space Weather Web Server

Workshop on
The Utilization of a Future
European Space Weather Service

12 December 2000
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

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The term "Space weather" refers  to   conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that affect the performance and the reliabity of technological systems on Earth and in space.

On-going, ESA-initiated parallel studies are being conducted by Alcatel Space and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories  to examine in detail the needs for and the implementation of an ESA and/or other European space weather programme, including space and ground segment definition.

Such a programme could have strong economic and strategic impacts and benefits. Data resulting could potentially be of use in a large range of technology and service sectors far beyond the "traditional" space  sector.

The actors potentially concerned by space weather and interested in the use of space weather data include:

  • Space Environment and Ionospheric Data providers;
  • Data distributors;
  • Added value providers;
  • End users (customers and consumers).

Some examples of users include: 

  • Spacecraft industry;
  • Airline companies;
  • Defence forces;
  • Oil and mineral industries;
  • Electric power industry;
  • Insurers;
  • Telecommunications companies;
  • Educational sector (establishment school, media, etc.)
  • Users and providers of positioning systems;
  • Scientific community.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum to discuss all aspects of users and markets in connection with the establishment of a European space weather programme. The discussions at the meeting will be organised around three topics:

  • Introduction of the Space Weather concepts to the users community;
  • Detailed definition of the users and their needs for Space Weather data and services;
  • Benefits expected by the users of various types of services. 

The results of the discussion will represent a very important element in deciding on the way forward for any European Space Weather Programme.


10:00 Introduction (E. Daly, ESA)
10:30 Status of RAL Study (M. Hapgood, RAL)
11:00 Status of Alcatel Study (B. Huet, Alcatel)
11:30 Discussion of Needs and Benefits assessment Matrix  (cf. Key Animators)
(15 minutes per sector)
(+5 minutes for Key issues)
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Poster Viewing
14:30 Continuation of Discussion of Needs and Benefits assessment Matrix  (cf. Key Animators)
17:00 Conclusions & Recommendations
17:30 Cocktail in Poster room


Potential meeting participants are invited to contact Alain Hilgers or Eamonn Daly by email ( in order to discuss their possible contribution to the workshop.


Participation in the meeting is free of charge, but registration should be done in advance and preferably before 13 November. Please complete the Registration Form and send it to the indicated address. Contributions should be sent to Jean-Baptiste Alberico (  specifying your name, affiliation, and an abstract of your contribution.

Presentations making use of computer facilities are encouraged.


Presenters are required to make presentation material available for a conference web site. Proceedings will  be made available on the ESA Space Weather web site, as well as in printed form.


Rooms have been blocked in various hotels in Noordwijk in different categories. 
Please book your hotel room by using the Hotel Reservation Form and return it before the 13th of November to the ESTEC Hotel Reservation Service. Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by fax.

Local Organising Committee  

A. Hilgers
E. Daly
J-B. Alberico
G. Elfering

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