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Space Weather Workshop:
Looking towards a European Space 
Weather Programme

17-19 December 2001
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. Poster Presentations
  4. Proceedings
  5. Contents
  6. Publication
  7. Registration
  8. Accommodation
  9. Organising Committee
  10. Contact for administrative matters


The term "Space weather" refers to conditions on the Sun and in the solar wind, magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere that affect the performance and the reliability of technological systems on Earth and in space. In addition, these conditions may affect human life or health. 

In the light of recently completed ESA studies conducted by Alcatel Space and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, this workshop aims to provide a forum in which both recent scientific and technical advances relating to Space Weather can be presented and discussed. In addition, the workshop will focus on the implementation of a European Space Weather programme. Future ESA Space Weather activities and possibilities for international collaboration will also feature prominently in the discussion.

A European Space Weather programme would provide the capacity to supply European based Space Weather services to a wide variety of users including: 

  • Spacecraft industry; 
  • Users and providers of positioning systems; 
  • Scientific community. 
  • Airline companies; 
  • Oil and mineral industries; 
  • Electric power industry; 
  • Insurers; 
  • Telecommunications companies; 
  • Educational sector (establishment school, media, etc.) 
  • Security Forces 
Contributions from users in all of the above areas are welcomed in oral or poster format. The results of this workshop will represent a very important element in deciding on the way forward for any European Space Weather Programme.

Preliminary Agenda  

17th December

09:00 SWWT Meeting (Closed)
13:00 Lunch/Registration
14:00 Welcome Speech
G. Winters
14:10 Introduction From Chairman of the SWWT
R. Gendrin
14:20 Overview of the Alcatel Space-LPCE Consortium Study
B. Huet
14:35 RAL Consortium Study for an ESA Space Weather Programme
M. Hapgood
Session1: Scientific Understanding: Recent Achievements
14:50 The Magnetic Precursors of Solar Activity
B. Schmieder, L. van Driel, S. Poedts
15:05 Interplanetary Aspects of Space Weather
R. Marsden
15:20 Cluster and Space Weather
P. Escoubet
15:35 Review of Ionospheric and Thermospheric Processes Relating to Space Weather
J. Lilensten
15:50 Poster Presentations: 9x2 minutes
16:10 - 16:40 Coffee & Poster Viewing
Session 2: Technological Effects
16:40 A Review of the Effects of Space Weather on Ground Based Technology
T. D. G. Clark
16:55 Space Weather Effects in the Ionosphere and their Impact on Positioning
N. Jakowski, A. Wehrenpfennig, S. Heise, S. Schluter, T. Noack
17:10 Space Weather Effects on Spacecraft and Aircraft
C. Dyer
17:25 Solar Variability and Climate Change
E. Friis-Christensen
17:40 Poster Presentations: 11x2 minutes
18:00 Welcome Drink in the ISS User Centre

18th December

Session 3: Requirements for a European Space Weather Service
09:00 Rationale and Requirements for a European Space Weather Service
D. J. Rodgers & R. Horne
10:00 The Practical Issues of Utilising a European Space Weather Programme for Airline Operations
J. B. L. Jones, R. D. Bentley, R. Hunter, R. H. A. Iles, G. C. Taylor, D. J. Thomas
10:15 Poster Presentations: 3x2 minutes
10:25 - 11:00 Coffee & Poster Viewing
Session 4: Modelling of the Space Weather Environment
11:00 Numerical modelling capabilites from the point of view of a Space Weather forecast facility
P.-L. Blelly & J. Lilensten
11:15 Forecasting Space Weather and Effects using Knowledge Based Neurocomputing
H. Lundstedt, P. Wintoft, T. Hasanov, F. Boberg, H. Gleisner, I. Kronfeldt
11:30 Perspective on Remote Access to Space Environment Models and Databases
M. Kruglanski, E. Speelman, D. Heynderickx
11:45 The Performance of Three Widely Used Numerical Models in Predicting the Arrival Times at L1 of Major Flare/Halo CME Associated Travelling Shocks
S. M. P. McKenna-Lawlor, M. Dryer, Z. Smith, K. Kecskemety, C. D. Fry, W. Sun, C. S. Deehr, D. Berdichevsky, K. Kudela, G. Zastenker
12:00 CME Shock Collisions and Magnetic Cloud Impact
S. Poedts, B. van der Holst, L. van Driel
12:15 Initial Results on Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Sounding Based on GPS Data Obtained Onboard CHAMP
S. Heise, N. Jakowski, A. Wehrenpfennig, Ch. Reigber, H. Luhr
12:30 Improved Predictions of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity with Application to ESA/LEO Satellite Operations
A. Thompson, T. D. G. Clark, E.Clarke
12:45 Poster Presentations: 9x2 minutes
13:05 - 14:00 Lunch
Session 5: Future European Space and Ground Segment Options
14:00 RAL Space & Ground Segment Presentation
M. A. Hapgood
14:45 Alcatel Space & Ground Segment Presentation
B. Huet (TBC)
15:30 CDF Overview
R. Biesbroek
15:55 - 16:15 Coffee & Posters
Session 6: Space Weather Infrastructures (I)
16:15 LUND Space Weather Centre
H. Lundstedt
16:25 Space Weather Effects and How SOHO has Improved the Warnings
P. Brekke
16:35 INTAS: Space Weather Parameter Definition
N. Crosby
16:45 Space Environment Database
R. Stamper, M. Hapgood
17:55 Analysis and Prediction of Satellite Anomalies
P. Wintoft, H. Lundstedt, L. Eliasson, L. Kalla
17:05 Space Weather Studies for the Satellite Insurance Industry
A. J. Coates, N. B. C. Crosby, D. R. Linder, D. O. Kataria
17:15 CLS: Collecte Localisation Satellites
A. Blusson
17:25 SuperDARN
J.-P. Villain
17:35 Poster Presentations: 8x2 minutes & viewing
18:00 Workshop social evening

19th December

Session 7: Space Weather Infrastructures (II)
09:00 Interagency and International Collaboration in the U. S. National Space Weather Program: A NOAA Space Envoronment Center Perspective
R. Zwickl, E. Hildner
09:15 Space Weather Activities at the NOAA Space Environment Center and the International Space Environment Service (ISES)
J. M. Kunches
09:30 The Role of the Space Environment Testbed in NASA's Living with a Star Programme
J. L. Barth, D. A. Brewer, K. A. Label
09:45 The Community Coordinated Modelling Center: A New Space Weather Initiative
M. Hesse
10:00 Space Weather Support Needs for Manned Space Missions
M. Golightly
10:15 INTERMAGNET: Worldwide Near Realtime Geomagnetic Observatory Data
D. J. Kerridge
10:30 Space Weather Activity at CRL, Japan
M. Akioka & all staff at CRL.
10:45 Solar Terrestrial Research and Space Weather Activities in Greece
A. Anastasiadis, I. A. Daglis
11:00 National Initiatives: CNES Activities on Space Weather Correlative Issues
R. Ecoffet & S. Barde
11:15 The Solar Influences Data Analysis Centre
D. Berghmans, F. Clette, P. Cugnon, C. Foullon, J.-F. Hochedez, R. van der Linden, E. Verwichte, A. Zhukov
11:30 - 11:45 Coffee & Posters

Open discussion session to include
..Economic Issues
..Future Plans

13:00 Workshop close
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch
14:00 - 17:00 ESA Strategy Meeting (Closed)


Poster dimensions are 1.8m high x 1.2m wide

Session1: Scientific Understanding

  • On the Importance of Magnetic Helicity in the CME Initiation Process
    L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, Pascal Demoulin, Christina Mandrini, Lucie Green, Marcelo Lopez-Fuentez
  • Possible Diagnostics of fast Magnetic Field Variations Associated with Flares
    V. V. Zharkova & A. G. Kosovichev
  • Solar Energetic Particle Events: Phenomenology and Prediction
    S. B. Gabriel & G. Patrick
  • Proton Flux Enhancement E>10MeV and Solar Wind Parameters
    E. del Pozo Garcia
  • Evolution of Geoeffective Disturbances in Interplanetary Space
    E. Romashets
  • Radio Scintillation Observations of the Solar Wind - Recent Results and Proposals for a new-Generation System
    A. R. Breen & G. Woan
  • Magnetospheric Disturbances Impact on the Ionospheric Daily FoF2 Frequencies
    H. Rothkaehl, I. Stanislawska, Z. Zbyszynski
  • Total Electron Content Obtained with the Use of Selected GPS Satellites
    A. Swiatek & I. Stanislawska
  • Real Time Ionospheric Tomography using GPS Dense Network
    V. Ducic, J. Artru, P. Lognonne

Session2: Technological Effects

  • A Review of Scintillations Events and Probabilities as Observed from Measurements for Satellite to Earth Radio Links
    Y. Beniguel
  • Satellite Vulnerability to Geomagnetic Storms
    R. B. Horne, M. P. Freeman, D. Riley, M. Daws & K. Rutten
  • Observations of the Dynamics of the Radiation Environment and Associated component Effects on Polar Orbit in the period 11/2000-11/2001
    S. Barde, D. Falguere, S. Duzellier, D. Boscher, S. Bourdarie, J. Cueto, R. Ecoffet
  • XMM Radiation Monitor
    H. D. R. Evans, E. J. Daly, C. Erd, M. Boer
  • GPS Based Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring
    M. Aquino, S. Waugh, T. Moore, A. Dodson
  • The Effects of Space Weather on Radio Systems 
    P. Cannon
  • HF Radio Propagation at high Latitudes: Observations and Predictions for Quiet and Disturbed Conditions
    B. Jacobsen, V. Jodalen, P. S. Cannon, O. Smith, M. J. Angling
  • Effects of Disturbed Space Weather on HF Radio Communication 
    D. Blagoveshchensky
  • Investigation of the Variations in Cosmic Radiation at Aircraft Altitudes
    R. H. A. Iles, R. D. Bentley, R. Hunter, J. B. L. Jones, G. C. Taylor, D. J. Thomas
  • Space Weather and Radiation Exposure Analysis at Aircraft Altitudes
    D. O'Sullivan, D. Bartlett, P. Beck, J.-F. Bottollier, F. d'Errico, L. Lindborg,  H. Schraube, M. Silari, W. Heinrich, M. Pellicciono, H. Roos, F. Spurny, L. Tommasino, F. Wissmann
  • Space Weather Services for the Offshore Drilling Industry
    T. D. G. Clark & E. Clarke
  • Monitoring Geomagnetically Induced Currents in the Scottish Power Grid
    A. Thompson, T. D. G. Clark, E. Clarke

Session3: Requirements

  • Using GNSS reflections for Ionospheric Studies
    G. Ruffini, F. Soulat, P. Silvestrin, M. Martin-Neira
  • A New Method for TEC Forecasting using GPS Measurements
    S. M. Stankov, I. S. Kutiev, N. Jakowski, A. Wehrenpfennig
  • Real Time Monitoring of Global Magnetic Activity: The Ap(est) Index
    E. Clarke

Session4: Modelling the Space Environment

  • 14-Day Forecast of Solar Indices using Interplanetary Lyman Alpha Background Data
    E. Quemerais & J.-L. Bertaux
  • An Operational Code for Solar Energetic Proton Flux Prediction. First Approach
    A. Aran, B. Sanahuja, D. Lario, V. Domingo
  • Proton Flux Variation with Heliocentric distance
    H. D. R. Evans, E. J. Daly, A. Hilgers, P. Nieminen
  • Modeling the Radiation Belt Environment
    D. Boscher, S. Bourdarie, A. Masclet, S. Barde, R. Friedel
  • Non-linear Prediction of the Relativistic Electron Fluence in the Outer Radiation Belt
    S. N. Clucas, D. J. Rodgers, C. S. Dyer, R. J. K. Smith
  • Nowcasting the Geosynchronous orbit for Spacecraft Anomalies Analysis
    S. Bourdarie, D. Boscher, J. P. Catani, R. Friedel
  • NARMAX based forecast of  Dst index
    Balikhin M., S. A. Billings, O. M. Boaghe, I. Bates
  • Application of the Ionosphere - Plasmasphere Model for Short-term forecasting of Total Electron Content
    T. Gulyaeva
  • Modeling the Electrojet over Northern Europe during Large Geomagnetic Storms
    P. Stauning
  • Scientists' Thoughts about the Forecasting Problem of Geomagnetically Induced Currents
    A. Viljanen, R. Pirjola, A. Pulkinnen

Sessions 6&7: Space Weather Infrastructures 

The following posters are presented in parallel with oral presentations

  • LUND Space Weather Centre 
    H. Lundstedt
  • The Solar Influences Data Analysis Centre (SIDC)
    D. Berghmans, F. Clette, P. Cugnon, C. Foullon, J.-F. Hochedez, R. van der Linden, E. Verwichte, A. Zhukov
  • INTAS: Space Weather Parameter Definition
    N. Crosby
  • Space Environment Database
    R. Stamper, M. Hapgood
  • Analysis and Prediction of Satellite Anomalies
    P. Wintoft, H. Lundstedt, L. Eliasson, L. Kalla
  • Space Weather Studies for the Satellite Insurance Industry
    A. J. Coates, N. B. C. Crosby, D. R. Linder, D. O. Kataria
  • CLS: Collecte Localisation Satellites
    A. Blusson
  • Geomagnetic Indices Availability
    M. Menvielle, J. Paris

Poster presentations

  • Space Weather Activities in Cost 271 Action
    B. Zolesi & Lj. R. Cander
  • A Proposal for a COST Action on Space Weather
    Toby Clark
  • The Central-European Space Weather Initiative (CESWI)
    M. Messerotti
  • Operational Processing of Space Weather Data
    A. Wehrenpfennig, N. Jakowski, D. Klahn
  • Program of Solar Observations and Flare Warning at Catania Astrophysical Observatory
    P. Romano, L. Contarino, F. Zuccarello
  • The Trieste Solar Radio System as a Near Real-Time Monitor of Coronal Radio Emission
    M. Messerotti & P. Zlobec
  • The Trieste-Graz Solar Surveillance Network: Progress Report 2001
    M. Messerotti, W. Otruba, W. Poetzi, A. Hanslmeier, G. Brunner, M. Temmer, A. Veronig, A. Warmuth, A. Cacciani, P. F. Moretti
  • Muon Detectors - Real Time forecast of Geomagnetic Storms
    F. Jansen, K. Munataka, M. L. Duldig


Potential meeting participants are invited to contact Alexi Glover, Alain Hilgers or Eamonn Daly by email in order to discuss their possible contribution to the workshop. 


Participation in the meeting is free of charge, but registration should be done in advance and preferably before 16 November. Please complete the Registration Form and send it to the indicated address. Contributions should be sent to Alexi Glover (  specifying your name, affiliation, and an abstract of your contribution prior to 19th October.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts should be 600-800 words in length, incorporating the following information:

  • Title of paper 
  • Name and affiliation of author(s)  
  • Addresses, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers 
  • Name of the prime author or contact person 
  • Summary of the paper  
Abstracts should be submitted to Alexi Glover by 19th October 2001.

Presentations making use of computer facilities are encouraged.


Presenters are required to make presentation material available for a conference web site. Proceedings will  be made available on the ESA Space Weather web site, as well as in printed form.

New: style guide can be found here


Rooms have been blocked in various hotels in Noordwijk in different categories. 
Please book your hotel room by using the Hotel Reservation Form and return it before the 16th of November to the ESTEC Hotel Reservation Service. Confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you by fax.

Organising Committee  

R. Gendrin (Chairman)
A. Glover  (Coordinator)
A. Hilgers
E. Daly

Contact for ESTEC administrative matters  

ESTEC Conference Bureau
P.O. Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands
Fax: +31 (0)71-565 5658

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