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The updating images on the right of this page provide a summary of space weather parameters from the last 30 days together with the most recent EIT FeXII (195) image of the solar corona.

Solar Data and Data Products  

  • Recent images from SOHO:
EIT -195 EIT -284 EIT-304 LASCO/C2

--- Click on the above images to see a movie of the most recent data ---

Magnetospheric Data/Indices  

Other Sources of Current Data and Forecast Information  

Today's Space Weather can also be found at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center. (see: how this is done).

Today's activity report (text produced by NOAA/SWPC)

The Lund Space Weather Center provides a world-wide list of various forecasts.

Real Time Space Weather Links  are also listed by GEM .

A list of Space Weather servers (forecasts) are available on the SPEE server.

Recent Space Weather from the University of Alaska
Aurorawatch from the University of York, UK.
The Space Weather Bureau sponsored by the Marshall Space Sciences Lab.

Solar Weather Conditions from SOHO/CDS consortium. See also the SOHO solar observatory page for current space weather information.
Space Weather Prediction: Research and Development Real-Time Prediction of Large Geomagnetic Storms. Dept. of the Navy - Naval Research Laboratory.
STIF Forecasts for the next hour.

RAL's Space Weather Web

Prompt Ionospheric Database

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