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Cost and Insurance Aspects

Numerous insurance companies provide capacity for the ground aspects of space risks (during Assembly, integration and test phases). A smaller number of companies provide capacity during the transport (to and from  launch site) and launch campaign phases. 
For the phases that follow the intentional ignition of a launch vehicle,  the market is composed of roughly 12 leading insurers (i.e. insurers  able to study a risk and provide a quotation for it) worldwide, and  roughly 30 "followers" (insurers that will provide capacity behind a leader). 
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Some of the main leaders in Europe are: GENERALI (Italy), AGF ( France), MARHAM (Lloyds - UK), ...... 

Due to the fact that

  1. on a given risk, you will never find a single insurer but a co- insurance, and
  2. given the complexity of the insurance policies to set up,
the Insureds always study and purchase their space insurance through specialised insurance brokers: (e.g. J&H Marsh&McLennan : 60% of the market, International Space Brokers, AON Space, Willis Coroon).

Capacity per event is defined as the maximum amount of insurance that an insurer is theoretically able to provide on a given event (launch or  in orbit life of one satellite)

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