SWENET Web Service

The SWENET web service emulates the data browsing capabilities for platform independent, automated access to space weather data. With the help of the web service, your applications (both web and desktop) can access the data stored in the SWENET space weather database. This service is operational since 2007-08.

Below are the resources you will need if you want to integrate SWENET data into your application. As a first start, the developer guide (and accompanying WSDL file) provides an overview of the proposed workflow.

Document Filetype Size
SWENET Web Service Developer Guide PDF 62KB

Additionally, the demonstration clients give short, concise examples (including source code) for retrieving space weather data, done in a variety of programming languages.

You will need a valid login (username, password) to work with the code examples.

Download Version Size OS Date
Web Service Client (Java) 1.01 4.2MB Windows, Linux, MacOS 2009-10-30
Web Service Client (PHP) 0.8 3KB Windows, Linux, MacOS 2007-10-19
Web Service Client (Ruby) 0.8 3KB Windows, Linux, MacOS 2007-10-19

Please note: If you plan to use the webservice on a regular basis, we kindly ask you to notify us about the purpose of your application. This helps in keeping the web service operational, because more users mean a higher priority on our list. Thank you.